2010 Scholarship Recipients

Micah Gemmell – 2010 UCPNB Scholarship Recipient

“They said I was deaf, blind, mute, and lame.  My mother signed the adoption papers anyway.  They said there was no hope; they were wrong!  They thought I died…twice; I didn’t.  A few days after I was born I had a brain bleed that affected the area of the brain controlling fine motor skills; the bleed led to cerebral palsy.  A month after I was born still in a San Francisco hospital, as they were inserting my feeding tube, the earthquake of 1989 hit causing further damage.  Both nature and science declared I would not make it.”

Well they were indeed wrong.  Micah Gemmell is about to finish his second year at Santa Rosa Junior College.  He wants to keep learning, growing and exploring the possibilities ahead of him.  He plans to transfer to Sonoma State University in September 2011.  His professional path includes serving in the information technology field within a health-care setting.

Jessica Parkerson – 2010 UCPNB Scholarship Recipient

“I was born with CP.  It’s not like a cold where it goes away after a short amount of time.  It’s just there.  It’s a part of me.  Having CP is not easy.  But, then again, life isn’t easy.  I just learn to go around the obstacles and find ways to make it work for me.  That’s how I deal with managing my disability.  I just deal with it, keep being hopeful, and just be myself.”

Jessica Parkerson has many goals.  One of her goals is to complete a certificate in baking and pastry and to eventually work in a small Bed and Breakfast in Sonoma County.