Leadership Staff

Margaret Farman – Chief Executive Officer

Margaret Farman
Margaret Farman has served as Chief Executive Officer of United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay since November 2006.  Her career in the field of developmental disabilities has spanned over 35 years – developing education, employment, recreation, housing, and supported living services.  She has also served on numerous community advisory boards – advocating for the rights of people with developmental disabilities and coordinating services with state and local agencies.

Under her leadership, UCP of the North Bay has experienced rapid growth with the development of Cypress Primary School, Cypress Secondary School, Recreation Services and Social Enterprises: Gone For Good, OADS, Petaluma Recycling Center, and WineBev Services.  Cypress School serves students ages 5-22 with autism and other developmental disabilities. Gone For Good, OADS, Petaluma Recycling Center and WineBev Services employ adults with developmental disabilities – paying them market rate wages that help to create economic self-sufficiency. UCP of the North Bay is currently expanding supported employment opportunities in Napa, Sonoma & Solano counties, developing jobs with many diverse employers.

We invite you to contact Margaret by email or phone at (707) 766-9990, Ext 102 to learn more about United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay.


Ron Hamilton – Chief of Operations

Ron Hamilton
M.S., Recreation Administration.  Chief of Operations since March 2007.  His career in developmental disabilities has spanned 31 years – developing recreation, adult day, and residential services.  He was the Program Director for 16 years at Recreation Center for the Handicapped, the non-profit organization that began the recreation movement for children and adults with disabilities in 1952.  He has also taught at San Francisco State University and served as the Chair of the San Francisco Developmental Disabilities Council and as the Therapeutic Recreation Representative, District III Board, of the California Parks and Recreation Society.

Please contact Ron by email or phone at 707-766-9990 Ext 103 for assistance.


Laura Briggin – Cypress School Director

Laura Briggin
Laura has 37 years of professional experience as a Non-Public School Principal, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Special Education Teacher.  She received a Master of Science degree in Special Education from Dominican University in 1987 and became a member of The Association for the Severely Handicapped (TASH) in 1978.  Laura established, and served as the Principal of, ABC School at the California Autism Foundation.  During her 10 years, Laura developed a new 6,000 square foot school site, and increased enrollment to 45 students with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, and emotional disabilities.

As a leader in the field of special education, Laura was invited to Ljubljana, Slovenia in July 2006 where she provided a four-day autism services training seminar for medical and educational professionals.

Laura is working with Special Education Local Plan Areas, school districts, and parents to make Cypress School one of the premiere non-public schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.  When asked about the development of Cypress School, Laura said, “It’s a dream come true – when we open our doors for the first day of school the families that we serve always find a dedicated staff committed to the well-being and education of their children.”

Please email Laura or call her at (415) 720-9328, or (707) 766-9990, Ext 106 for assistance.


Ludy Argouarch – Chief Financial Officer

Ludy Argouarch
B.A., Business Administration.  Chief Financial Officer since August 2007.  Her career in developmental disabilities has spanned 28 years – providing financial management for non-profit organizations serving children and adults.  She directs our financial planning, human resources, and accounting practices, as well as our relationship with lending institutions and the financial community.  She has extensive experience with reporting financial outcomes of projects and she is responsible for the fiscal management of WineBev Services and Gone for Good, both social enterprises of United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay.

Please email Ludy or call her at (707) 766-9990, Ext 104 for assistance.


Mike Lisenko – WineBev Services President of Business Operations

Mike Linsenko
B.A., Sociology.  President of Business Operations since July 2007.  His career in developmental disabilities has spanned 18 years – developing social enterprise and adult day programs.  He was the General Manager for 10 years at the California Autism Foundation where he developed Custom Assembly & Packaging, a social enterprise employing adults with developmental disabilities.  He has also been trained by NISH, the national agency that creates employment opportunities for people with disabilities co-founded by United Cerebral Palsy.  Under his direction, WineBev Services has grown to an annual budget of 2.6 million for FY 2010-11.

Please email Mike or call him at (707) 603-0010, Ext 104 for assistance.


Dennis Blong – Gone For Good President of Business Operations

Dennis Blong
President of Business Operations since July 2010.  He has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and marketing of industrial equipment.  He has successfully run several award winning customer service organizations, as well as managed international companies looking to gain market share in the United States.  As a member of many technical organizations, he has extensive experience in all facets of industrial production under the most demanding regulatory agencies.  His marketing experience includes international market surveys and market evaluations for several of the largest retail companies.

Please email Dennis or call him at (707) 430-4380, Ext 1 for assistance.